Tuesday, 2 June 2009

3 June OpenStreetMap in Peckham

Come and help complete the free Open Street Map of central Peckham on the evening of Weds 3rd June!
OpenStreetMap is a completely free map and database for the whole world, created by volunteers in a similar fashion to Wikipedia. The main web site has a nice friendly map that's aimed at:
* pedestrians
* a great cycling version
The level of detail for much of Peckham is already far more useful than Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft maps. Because you can get at the underlying data and it's all 100% free, local residents and community groups can create their own maps in any style, or use the data for any purpose.
Join a crowd of OpenStreetMap volunteers who will be descending on the area to gather the names of roads, the locations of green spaces, pubs, post boxes and more!
More info can be found here
Email Tom Chance: tom@acrewoods.net if you're curious but confused!

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