Friday, 30 April 2010

Hustngs Meeting Friday 30th April 8pm

On 6th May there are elections for Parliament and for the local Southwark Council. I have been asked to send out the information below to the PRN mailing list for a hustings meeting being held in The Lane ward on Friday 30 April.
There are other local hustings meetings but there does not appear to be an organised web collecting point for information on these. Maybe in the next elections that might emerge. In the meantime here at least is information on one local hustings which might be of interest to many people on the Peckham Residents Network mailing list. This is a very useful opportunity to engage in the democratic process. Hope to see lots there!
Following discussions between all the political parties standing candidates in The Lane ward, there will be a cross-political party hustings. Not all those parties and candidates who were contacted were able to send representatives at short notice, nor was it possible to compile a list of email addresses this time.

Time: 8pm
Venue: South London Baptist Tabernacle, Bushey Hill Road, SE5 8QF
Chair: Peter Frost, chair of the Peckham Society

The format will be: 3 minutes candidate statement from each speaker, followed by questions from the audience.

Speakers in alphabetical order:
Columba Blango [Liberal Democrats],
Tom Chance [Green Party],
Mark Glover [Labour Party].

The full list of candidates are:

THE LANE WARD, Southwark Council
Chan, Gerald - Conservative Party
Chance, Tom - Green Party
Dolezal, Nick - Labour Party
Foreman, Rebecca - Conservative Party
Freeman, Lorna - Liberal Democrat
Glover, Julie - Liberal Democrat
Glover, Mark - Labour Party
Macleod, Alan - Conservative Party
Phillips, Jon - Liberal Democrat
Plodowski, Anna - Green Party
Rhoden, Keadean - Labour Party
Ven der Stoep, Remco - Green Party

BLANGO, Columba Michael Joe - Liberal Democrats
FRANCIS, Decima Shamona - Independent
HARMAN, Harriet - The Labour Party Candidate
JONES, Jenny - Green Party
KNOX, Patricia Lineve
MOUNTFORD, Jill - Alliance for Workers` Liberty
OGUNLEYE, Joshua - Workers` Revolutionary Party
ROBBINS, Steven - Independent
ROBBY MUNILLA, Yohara - English Democrats Putting England first
SHARKEY, Margaret Mary - Socialist Labour Party (Leader Arthur Scargill)
STRANACK, Andy - The Conservative Party Candidate