Monday, 23 November 2009

celebrate a centenary for the South London Line

TUESDAY 1st DECEMBER at 8am at Denmark Hill station (yes 8am!)

On 1st December, it is 100 years since the South London Line became the first in the country to be electrified. The Save the South London Line Campaign is going to celebrate our local London metro service.
Join us at 8am outside the pub at Denmark Hill Station for half an hour or so.
There will be some goodies to eat and champagne for the lucky few! We will toast the future continued success of this service to Inner South London. It is an important media event - come and join the leading campaigners.
Everyone is welcome, especially those in Edwardian dress (or Victorian or any fancy dress if that is all you can find, or just as you are on your way to work!)

Southwark Rail Users Group
to keep up to date visit the website

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