Sunday, 6 April 2008

Peckham Area Action Plan (PAAP)

The long awaited Peckham Area Action Plan (PAAP) consultations by the Council have just started.

  • Would you like to join the growing PAAP-Group email list of people who would like to be kept informed or do you have any queries? Just email to let us know.
  • In the meantime, see below for some preliminary information.

The next deadline for comments is 25 April.


For briefing from Peckham Vision and the Peckham Society on some town centre issues please see:
Alternative Vision for Rye Lane Central

Council's Plans

Historic Peckham
The Council are asking for comments by 25 April on their vision paper 'Future Peckham'. See here: Future Peckham
Some key issues that will be covered and/or raised include:
1. town centre retail quality, and future of commerce & employment
2. car parking facilities & traffic flows
3. station improvements, including Peckham Rye station piazza
4. tram route
5. future of site between 133 Rye Lane-Brayards Rd-Consort Rd (63P/71P):
- impact of planning blight from the tram depot designation
- alternative opportunities for the site
6. Town Centre Conservation Area

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