Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Peckham Residents' Network

The network has grown out of the Bellenden Residents' Group work on town centre issues:

  • the state of Rye Lane and Peckham Rye station.
  • the UDP (Unitary Development Plan) on Peckham town centre.
  • the discovery of the plans to demolish and close off a large site for the tram depot.
  • the preparations for developing the Peckham Area Action Plan (PAAP).

The network helps residents:

  • to keep in touch with each other over town centre & other local issues,
  • to become well informed to have a real effect on the improvement of Peckham,
  • by using email, workshops and newsletters,
  • by pioneering new ways for residents to engage with the council and others.

New ways of engaging:

  • Rye Lane & Station Action Group (RLSAG) for real and visible improvements,
  • Peckham Rye Working Group for an integrated plan for Peckham Rye Common North,
  • Peckham Vision - residents, artists & traders - for an integrated Peckham town centre,
  • Community Council Tram Working Group, on the tram route & tram depot location,
  • emerging topics include rail services, car parking, safety, community cohesion.

the local residents’ network run by residents for residents
improving Peckham town centre

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